Holiday Ready HVAC

air conditioning contractor ventura ca
air conditioning contractor ventura ca

Replace your Air Filter – Air filters are the often forgotten component of your HVAC system but should be changed regularly.  They prevent dust from building up in your duct work and also reduce smells.  Change your filter before guest arrive.  If you are having guests that have allergies or asthma, or another respiratory issue, consider a HEPA filter.

Get HVAC System Maintenance – Prevent costly emergency repairs calls over the holidays by having your system serviced before your guests arrive.  $149 buys you an ANNUAL service contract that’ll get you serviced and safe.

Turn Down the Heat PRIOR to guests arriving – A smart piece of advice that will keep you and your guests comfortable all night long and maybe even save you a bit of money.  Warm bodies, an oven cooking the ham and turkey, and a roaring fireplace are all considerable heat sources and will naturally raise the temperatures in your home.  Lower the temperature on your thermostat at least and hour before your guests arrive.  

Emergency Air Quality Alert for Southern California - Protect your Family''s Health