HVAC Energy Star Rebates and Tax Incentives for Residents of Southern California Cities and Counties.

Southern California and its cities and counties are rich with rebates and tax incentives for consumers who install new Energy Star/Energy Saver HVAC systems.  The saving don't stop there though as you can get rebates or tax incentives for insulation, smart thermostats, more efficient gas furnaces, attics fans, and more.  Rebates are even available for Complete System check ups through the widely accepted CheckMe! program.  This inspection uses predetermined metrics to measure duct "leakage" (among other things) and if found to be leaking, the program will rebate the consumer fixed amounts for remediation of that "leakage" or any other problems that may have been found during the inspection.

All in all, there are some really good programs that could save you thousands of dollars on the installation of a new Energy Star HVAC system.   You should apply if you live in the Southern California area and especially if in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, Imperial County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County.

For your convenience, we've included links to the most popular program below.  These are just the few that we work with regularly but there are dozens more!  We work with these programs daily so we can help you navigate the application process so you can collect your rebates.

Here is a super helpful printable PDF form from Cal State Northridge (CSUN). Just click the panel, view in browser and print if needed.

Big rebates up to $1200 for new Energy Star HVAC systems for LADWP Subscribers

Assistance plans and rebates of up to $200 on a new Energy Star furnace.

Similar to most others, SDG&E is primarily for San Diego residents.

Rebates for smart thermostats and Energy Star HVAC systems.

Orange County Residents should apply for SCE Home Upgrade Packages

Hero financing is designed for energy efficient home improvements

Emergency Air Quality Alert for Southern California - Protect your Family''s Health